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Gosforth's Fête

     Gosforth's Fête is not only a comedy, but a farce, and so coming into it and facing it all head on was our main challenge. In a farce, the actors are not playing for the laugh, but instead they play the roles honestly and the story just happens to plcee them in the humorous situations. 

     I was once again the assistant Director for this performance, and what a wonderful experience it was. Not only a job, but a learning experience . I owe so much to the Director Steve Sawicki to offer me this amazing opportunity . I did my very best for the good of the show and the result was breathtaking.



Steve sawicki

Meet the Team

These fine Ladies and Gentlemen put in hours and hours of their time to make sure this show ran smoother than ever. Each person put in together their talents and strengths and we all worked together super well. 

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Christian Andrews




Wesley Sneed

Sound Designer 

It is always a pleasure to work with Wes, and this time was no exception. He was prepared with his sound designs long before we even began running with sound. He was on top of everything imaginable and in the end his hard payed off. Sound was the most important element of Gosforth's Fête

Eleanor Dobry

Costume Designer

Elie was such fun to work with and was always down to go above and beyond her duty. Her costumes turned out phenomenal, especially for the character of Stewart Stokes, who was dressed as a boy-scout leader. She got us everything we asked for and even made some things even more funny like Mrs. Pearces Hat.

Alary Sutherland 

Lighting Designer

Alary has once again outdone himself with his amazing lighting plot and design. His colors, though red and blue, translated beautifully and naturally. He spent long hours to program each cue to be perfect and his lightning affect was almost too realistic.

Dr. Daniel Nadon

Associate School Director

Dr. Dan has given me, and many other students, the wonderful opportunity to direct and work on shows in a professional environment, before heading into the professional field. I have worked with him on several shows now and intend to continue in the future. 

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