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...and if you don't like the way I look, well I just don't give a Damn!

Edna Turnblad, "You Can't Stop the Beat"



Hairspray. How can you not be happy watching this musical. It's the story of acceptance. Acceptance of everyone, not matter size, skin color, intelligence, ect. It's a show where happy endings do come true, all bundled up in a family friendly comedy. Tracy Turnblad and her wacky family sing, dance, and joke their way into your hearts a new way every time you watch, and works even more miracles for those involved.

Meet The Directors


Brian Kieffer

Mr. Kieffer is the head of the choir program at Glenoak High School and is renown for his excellence in teaching skills and piano playing, holding multiple awards in each. Along with this role, he serves as the music director for all musicals at the school.


Amy Sima-Dirham

Mrs. Dirham is a renown actress, and director and even owns her own preformance studio. Her many years of expirience make her a very suitable and talented director. She serves as the visual and stage director for all plays as well as musicals at Glenoak High School.


Jackie Blaydes

Blaydes is one of the most talented dance instructors in the state of Ohio, and deserves all praises she is awarded. She turns boys with two left feet into men making even the hardest of dances look easy. She serves as a dance teacher and the choreographer for all ballet's and school musicals.

Edna Turnblad

I was never one to get into drag on purpose but Edna Turnblad had been a dream role of mine since I was a very young boy. When I was finally offered the chance, I jumped right in and I think to this day it has been my most pleasurable experience on a stage and my favorite moment in my life.

Tracy Turnblad

Mackey Parson's and I have worked together on numerous shows since 2012. Probably our most memorable were Hairspray and Night at the Museum. The two of us share chemistry on stage and that really shows in the performances we've done together. Mackey is very talented and it is always a pleasure to work with her.

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