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"I was served Lemons, but I made Lemonade"


The Visual Album

     Lemonade, the Visual Album, was a life changing experience for everyone involved. The story behind Lemonade is one that many women in the world can relate to. Being cheated on. Each scene was a different musical number based on to stages of being cheated on. Realization, confrontation, acceptance, anger, revenge, fear, forgiveness. All of this wrapped in the package with the message that Women are the strongest people in the world if they can overcome a situation as such, especially the African American woman in the United States.

     This being said, the design team worked tirelessly to make relevant all of these themes, while not shoving them down the audiences throat. I, as the assistant director worked endless hours for all five weeks of the production. I worked hand and hand with the design teams in Set, Sound, Lighting, and Costumes to ensure everything ran very smooth for Jaye, the director/choreographer. I got to hang lights and do paperwork in each design area to make sure we got exactly what we wanted.

Meet the Team


Jaye Jackson is one of my closest friends and a very talented dancer, singer, actor, and Drag Queen.


Jaye Jackson 


I am an actor, singer, writer, director and self proclaimed businessman. I am proud to say I worked on Lemonade.

Assistant Director

Christian Andrews


Zach is a super talented stage manager who doesn't let much get in the way, and isn't scared to be his true self. 

Stage Manager

Zach Sentney 

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Emma is a very experienced artist, set designer, prop artist and scene shop employee who made everything much smoother. She even helped with backstage work during the run.

Scenic Designer

Emma Hisrich 


Yi is a talented costumer, who was given simple images and ideas and clothed our dancers not only stylishly, but comfortably, while also not distracting from Jaye's beauty.

Costume Designer

Yi Chen


What Tiffany was able to accomplish with a total of fifteen .wav files is simply remarkable. She turned sound clips into art that we could then mend into what we needed. 

Sound Designer

Tiffanie Chau Dang


Alary is an exceptional lighting expert and makes the process quick. He is devoted to his art and even spent the night in the theatre to ensure that lights were ready.

Lighting Designer

Alary Sutherland 



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Lemonade (A Tribute To Beyonce)

Lemonade (A Tribute To Beyonce)

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Lemonade: Behind The Curtain

Lemonade: Behind The Curtain

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