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Updated: Aug 10, 2019

Lemonade was my first real endeavor to direct a show, and what a wonderful show it was. Jaye Jackson was the director, and I his assistant. We were able to relate to social issues in the world, including but not limited to, racial inequality, woman power, adultery, drag, ect. All of this story was tightly packed into a piece comprised of dance and song.

Nathan Vullo (Left) and Jaye Jackson (Right) meet each others gaze in the climax of "Lemonade"

The Visual Album

Lemonade was originally contrived from the Beyoncé album under the same name. After the success of the album, and the story behind it, a film adaptation was made. This was called the Visual Album and followed the flow of her music videos, while also telling a coherent story. It was our goal to translate this to a live performance.

Closing and Impact

After closing and post-mortem we saw just what kind of impact the story had on the school. After some shaky times, we had been able to convey a story that changed the hearts of many people, including my own father. Not only this but we sold the most tickets of any blackbox show in the Fall 2018 semester at Kent, meaning we reached a larger audience than we ever anticipated

Lemonade: The Visual Album

Watch Here!

The Visual Album is available on Youtube, just for you! After working and fighting long, hard months to keep this up, I am proud to announce that you can see our amazing and triumphant work here at anytime. I hope you enjoy, Lemonade: The Visual Album. A Tribute to Beyoncé.

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