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Updated: Aug 10, 2019

And so it begins. Opening night. The show is ready for an audience, "...and not before bloody time!" Steve, Trey and I have worked tirelessly to make this show what it is, but we weren't alone. With help from Wes Sneed, Alary Sutherland, Eleanor Dobry, and our wonderful cast, we have put on a show to the best of our ability. Finally the day is here. The sights are tremendous. The smell is sweet. The taste is likewise. The energy and excitement have skyrocketed. But the nerves are at an all time high.

Catie Cummings (left) and Seth Mueller (right)

We have worked night and day to make this show as great as it is. Now it is in the hands of the stage manager and the performers. We haven't experienced any major disasters yet (knock on wood) nor do we intend to, but due to some of the gags in the farce, anything is possible.


Along our show, Gosforth's Fête, there is an accompanying pre-show directed by another student here at Kent State, Skylar Reisinger. He has put together a crew to "mock" the blackbox experience in a humorous way. It is a wonderful precursor to this show because, being that this is the second semester, most of the audience will understand the blackbox process, and also it plays right into the farce.


It's done and what an opening night it was. A wonderful audience turnout had us enthralled. The show ran smoother than it ever had before, even with small technical hitches moments before opening. We served the audience exactly what we intended to and the reaction was more than we could ever have asked for. We had the audience rolling in their seats with laughter. It was over in a pinch and the actors took their first bow. Roars of applause and even more laughter as the farce continued into the bows and we close. We are all super excited to do it all again tomorrow night.

We hope that to see you at the performance!

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