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Updated: Aug 10, 2019

And so it begins. Gosforth's Fête opens a week from today. Can I get an excited screech? But with tech week comes the terrors. The night sweats, the tireless work hours. The payoff will hopefully have been worth the pain. Today is Monday, February 4th, and it is the beginning of tech week. Today is the first day we've been off book and it's been a slow, tedious rehearsal. We all work together as a team to fine tune little details. Steve Sawicki, the director has been stopping and starting all night to fix tiny things. Trey Hagans, the stage manager has been on book to read for Gosforth, and be the crutch for actors to call line. I have been finishing up the poster and working on putting finishing touches on props, while also taking notes for Steve.


The story of Gordon Gosforth and his "Grand Fête" turns into a Grand Disaster. Luckily, the rehearsal process so far has not been as poor. In fact, we've stayed on track with our schedule very religiously, no matter how many mishaps we run into. By the end of this week, we should hopefully have a show ready to present to you, the Audience. The fate of the Fête is unknown at this time but I have a feeling it's going to be a spectacular run. We have a wonderful team of designers, and Steve, Trey, and I have a blast trying and learning with our cast every single night.


We hope to see you there at the show!

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