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So after eleven years of doing theater, I have assembled a team to create our art together. Consisting of one hundred and forty young men and women, Audacity Productions has been formed. Currently we are based at Kent State University, but as the years progress we plan to branch out.

So, to answer the elephant in the room. What is Audacity Productions? We are an experimental, independent, theater group dedicated to creation. Together we are working together to put on productions and master classes all based around the performing arts. We work with other organizations on and off Kent Campus and have connections around the theater community including 54 Below, Fringe Festival, Baldwin Wallace University, ect.

This all began in early spring semester of 2019, when we all recognized that we had folks from all backgrounds, afraid of what was to come after college.

We all had a dedication to creation and a desire to learn and grow together. We work together and create art from the start of the process, writing scripts and concepts, working them through table readings and live concert performances. We take in feedback and start the process over. We design with people from all backgrounds and at all levels in their craft. We do audition prep, and real auditions. We let the production staff learn and grow together. We let our casts send ideas off of each other and we work together to make the best productions we can. We are just getting off the ground now but we cannot wait to see what the future holds for us!!!

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