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MY Little Secret

Updated: Aug 10, 2019

"Secrets: A Spy Musical." I was approached by Jack-Anthony Ina at the end of May, 2019, asking if I would accompany him to New York City and perform in a new musical. I was given two weeks to learn three songs, one of them never-before heard. I got to work quickly, though I tried to keep it on the down low to surprise family and friends. I was beyond excited to be given the opportunity, especially without even having to audition. It just goes to show, this business is really about who you know. I met Jack in early May, and we began work together on "Newsies" at Geauga Lyric Theater Guild. He was so impressed with my work ethic and resumé that he invited me based on trust alone.

The process was mainly sending in rehearsal videos online, and Jack responding with notes. Then, when we got to 54 Below on June 8th and were given two hours to stage the entire show. Jack worked swiftly, quickly, and professionally to pump out a fantastic show.

The best part of the process was being the same age as the director. Being that we are both 19, we get along in a great dynamic and work very professional as he directs me, and teaches me. Along with Jack, one of performers was the choreographer from "Newsies" as well, Rachel Maria Ines Irwin.

The Cast and Crew

The talent pool was amazing for this show, especially because the performers were from all across the country. From Ohio, to Florida, all to New York, New York anyway we knew how. Also, performing at 54 Below was one of the most amazing experiences of my entire life. It's a magical moment that very few get the chance of, and here I am at 19 years old living my dream life. Just the thought that people spent near a hundred dollars just to blindly see me, a kid from Ohio, perform songs that they don't know. One of my favorite songs that I got to perform was the world premier of "Trust", the villain song. I even got to add my signature evil laugh on the button of the song.

The audience also seemed to like the song, and even cheered for the evil laugh. After a year of working on the production side of the theatre, I had almost forgotten what it was like to have people cheer for me. It's a wonderful feeling and reminds me why I got into this all. To effect people, emotionally, physically. Whatever it takes to see the smiles of people. People are the most amazing part of this world, and love is the most amazing part of people. I owe a huge thank you to Jack, Rachel, and the writers Dan and Noah. Thank you for the opportunity, and the friendship. I'm so lucky to call you my family. But sometimes families keep secrets ;)

Check out my "Secrets" page on my portfolio.

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