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Starlight was our high school's end of the year performance, written and directed by Brian Kieffer. It is a mix of video tapes and live stage performances to make one coherent show.

Lookout for Future Mayshows Here 

Meet The Director


Brian Kieffer

Mr. Kieffer is the head of the choir program at Glenoak High School and is renown for his excellence in teaching skills and piano playing, holding multiple awards in each. Along with this role, he serves as the music director for all musicals at the school.


Mary Meese

Miss Mary Meese is one unstoppable momma. She choreographs every Mayshow we have ever done and always does it without complaining. Her dances are always new and unique and easy enough that everyone should be able to do them, sometimes even the audience.


I had the wonderful chance to play twin brothers with world renown magician, Nick Popa. Together we played security guard wannabes competing in a talent competition to make our mother happy, and things go very wrong. The role of Tracey (played by me) was a reprised role from Night at the Museum



Alongside many other roles, we worked with the talennted musician, Miranda Derbyshire. She has been in both plays, musicals and mayshows for years and years, as well as band and private music lessons since before elementary school

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