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Gosforth's Fête

Updated: Aug 10, 2019

My newest project is a British Comedy titled "Gosforth's Fête." I have the tremendous pleasure of working with Steve Sawicki, a seasoned actor, director, and grad student at Kent State University. Together, we have come up with new, creative and hilarious paths to take a single script.

Steve Sawicki

Comedy of Errors

"Gosforth's Fête" is not just any comedy, but a comedy of errors. This makes the direction and performance a lot more interesting because we don't play fo laughs. We act realistically and allow the context to play the jokes for us.

Period Piece

While not as drastic as some period pieces, it still takes place in a time in which costume, set, and prop designs do have to be modified. The play is set in the 70's and is actually a piece of a larger work titled "Confusions" Which consists of five different scenes all set to flow into one story. This, partnered with the fact that we are only doing one scene allows us to be minimalistic, but also particular on what we want, even with limited budget and other restraints.

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